With many years of client side sales and marketing experience, our team has a fairly unique proposition in that we combine our film making talents with a genuine understanding of brands, corporate structures, and communications.

And what does that mean in English?  Well, it means that you – or your team – won’t need to invest huge amounts of time explaining things to us. We get it.  We get you.  And that means that you, and your team, will have more time to do your day jobs.

Our ultimate aim is simple:  to be seen as an extension of your team, the safe pair of hands that you can trust to get things right first time.

Send us a brief, get the film you need.  One-step filmmaking.

Having worked with Will and the team on several Audi projects, I cannot praise his work enough. Fifty One Films have a great ability to understand a brief instantly, and produce work that consistently exceeds expectations." Kirsty MacPherson, Audi UK